Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Support the International Immigrant Awareness Day Vigil

Thursday, December 18, 4:30-6:30
Location: Kossuth Place & Bushwick Avenue
(the corner where Jose Sucuzhanay was attacked)

On Dec. 7, Ecuadorean immigrant Jose O. Sucuzhanay was brutally beaten with a bottle and baseball bat in Brooklyn by men shouting slurs. He died five days later in the hospital. The attack comes just weeks after another Ecuadorean immigrant, Marcelo Lucero, was brutally beaten and stabbed to death by a mob of teens in Suffolk County.

In recent years, media pundits and politicians have whipped up anti-immigrant hysteria as a way to turn U.S.-born workers' frustration away from the country's elite and towards the most defenseless sectors of society. Just last year, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform, calling for the local police to take on the roles of immigration agents. Is it any surprise that this atmosphere would eventually produce such a hate-crime?

Come out this Thursday to stand with the immigrant families and communities that are suffering through this recent rash of hate crimes. Stop the anti-immigrant hysteria! Stop the hate crimes! Full equality for immigrants now!

Supporting Organizations / Organizaciones que Apoyan:
Juventud Ecuatoriana, Latin American Workers Project, ANSWER Coalition

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