Saturday, September 26, 2009

UC Santa Cruz

This past Thursday students, faculty, and staff at UC Santa Cruz decided that enough was enough. They gathered to protest the budget cuts that have been plaguing the UC system,and what once was considered an affordable education, has become anything but as tuition fees rose to over $10,000 this year. When the banks were facing a crisis-a whole they themselves dug-the government was kind enough to offer them a bailout package. Should we not do the same for students asking for an education. I mean in the greater scheme of things, whats a billion dollars to bring relief to an ailing school system; I for one wouldn't mind.

Below are links to some of the news articles that have popped up, as the media slowly starts to cover the protests:

Students, Faculty, and Workers Rally at UCSC

Thousands Pack Sproul Plaza to Protest UC Layoffs, Fee Increases

University of California campuses erupt into protest

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