Friday, November 16, 2007

New York Times on Chavez and Socialism

As a referendum on constitutional changes and massive new social programs nears, the New York Times reports on the widespread support for Chavez among poor and working people, the concern and uncertainty of elites, and the uniqueness of Venezuela's approach to socialism.

What is the potential, the danger, and the significance of events in Venezuela - much remains uncertain. Will capitalist powers stand by as Chavez carries out his experiment? Allende certainly did not succeed in Chile, but the logic of the Cold War cannot be as easily deployed to destroy and disrupt what is happening in Venezuela. Perhaps the ties to Iran will allow a coup within the framework of the "war on terrorism."


Wyatt said...

Six hour work day? How does one become a citizen?

Anonymous said...

hugo chavez is a small-minded dictator acting under the guise of "socialism" to fool "activists." do not be fooled. he's just in it for the money and power, like everyone else.