Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Discussion on Imperialism

Imperialism is a term that gets thrown around on the left quite a bit. The International Socialist Organization is hosting an open meeting on imperialism at CCNY this Thursday that will offer an explicitly Marxist-Leninist interpretation. If you want to come prepared, or to get a sense of the ideas even if you can't make it, check out these articles in the International Socialist Review, the theoretical journal of the ISO:

What is it? How do we stop it?
Sometimes, imperialism is defined very broadly to mean the domination of weaker states by stronger ones. But empire building, colonialism and military competition have existed ever since states have existed.
The Marxist approach to understanding war as a product of economic rivalries spilling over into political and military conflicts has long been dismissed as out of date, even by some people on the left. But the military occupation and corporate takeover of Iraq has put this view back at the center of discussion.
You're invited to participate in a meeting that will take up this question and discuss how understanding imperialism impacts our strategy for how to ultimately end it.
Thursday, December 6th
CCNY NAC Building
Rm. 1/211
By train: Take the 1 to 137th, enter the gates at 138th and Amsterdam , walk down the hill towards Convent Street , enter the building on your right.
By bus: Take the M101 to 137th and Amsterdam

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