Monday, December 3, 2007

Lucha Elects New Steering Committee

Today Lucha approved some changes in its constitution and elected a new slate of leaders.

The 2008 Steering Committee is:

Chair: Johanna Ocaña
Vice Chair: Iliana Feliz
Secretary: Malena Arnaud
Treasurer: Daniela Garcia
Liaison for on campus groups: Paco Martin Del Campo
Alumni Relations Chair: Martin Lopez
El Particiante Editor: Wyatt Ford
Online El Participante Editor: Rudi Batzell
Publicity Chair: Jessica Medina
Public Relations Coordinator: Andrew Tillet-Saks
Historian: Stephanie Barreto

There were slight changes to Lucha's mission statement, which now reads:

Lucha seeks to promote social, political, and economic progress in the Latino and working class communities in the US and to educate our campus about political, social, and economic issues in Latin America.

The goals of this organization in achieving this mission shall be:

To build a movement that unites students and community members in the struggle for social justice, equality and dignity, power, and respect for working people

To bring together politically conscious students in an organized effort to achieve political advancement for oppressed peoples

To empower our community through political activism and popular education

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