Monday, January 14, 2008

Take Action!


The University is conducting a review of its rules of conduct and disciplinary procedures. Activists familiar with the disciplinary procedure, such as those who were punished for taking non-violent direct action against Jim Gilchrist's hate-mongering and were subsequently attacked by the thugs invited as special guests can testify to the fact that these rules and procedures are the opaque, arbitrary, unfairly administered, involve intimidation, and lack any sense of due process or proportionality. Punishments were given without ever making explicit the exact nature of the infraction or violation. The email, characteristically, was buried in the nonsensical tripe sent out by the Columbia College Student Council.

On behalf of the University Senate, I would like to invite you to apply for a student position on the University Rules of Conduct Committee. The University Rules of Conduct Committee will review and propose changes to Columbia University's Rules of Conduct and will provide students a rare opportunity to influence disciplinary policy at Columbia (for more information regarding the current code of conduct, please visit:

In the interest of full disclosure, we do expect the committee to require a significant time commitment in the upcoming semester. Candidates must submit a letter stating their interest in the committee and relevant background (i.e. prior student leadership, experience in drafting or interpreting rules, familiarity with disciplinary board proceedings, etc) as well as individual contact information.

Please submit candidate letters to Andrea Hauge ( by January 25th at 5pm and include "Rules Committee" in the subject line of the email.

After winning a very significant case against the New York City Park Service allowing large demonstrations on the Great Lawn of Central Park, the ANSWER Coalition is taking the campaign to Washington DC to make sure that people can control and are allowed to protest and demonstrate in the great public spaces of the nation. ANSWER is following in a long tradition,
reaching back to the court battles of the Industrial Workers of the World in defense of free speech on city corners and public spaces, battles that gave real substance to the empty legal language of free speech. Speak out and tell the National Park Service to respect public spaces and the right of the people to assemble!

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