Saturday, March 8, 2008

el participante, volume 1 issue 3

Read this doc on Scribd: elparticipante-1-3


Malena Arnaud Participantes, Not Spectators
Paco Martin Del Campo The Wire
Thai Jones Yanqui, Go Home
Neha Nimmagudda Post-Apartheid African Politics

the core Huey P. Newton, 10 Point Program of the Black Panther Party


MALENA ARNAUD is the secretary of Lucha. She is a first-year at Barnard considering majoring in anthropology. ILIANA FÉLIZ is the vice president of Lucha and the secretary of the Chicano Caucus. She stud-ies political science and anthropology.

DANIELA GARCÍA is the treasurer of Lucha. She is a first-year at Columbia College considering majoring in philosophy and political science.

DAVID JUDD is a member of the International Socialist Organization and Columbia Coalition Against the War. He studies computer science at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

THAI JONES is a Ph.D. candidate in the History Department. His research focuses on early twentieth-century radical movements. Thai is the author of A Radical Line: From the Labor
Movement to the Weather Underground, One Family’s Century of Conscience

NEHA NIMMAGUDDA studies Sociology and Political Science at Columbia College. She is currently in South Africa studying the politics of recognition, resistance, and representation.

PACO MARTIN DEL CAMPO is the campus liason for Lucha, and political chair of the Chicano Caucus. He is a first-year at Columbia College and considering majoring in history and anthropology.

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