Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vote on Crimes of the Labor Department Against Workers

American Rights At Work has a new campaign targeting the secretary of labor:

What's her worst deed? There are so many choices – we're undecided. Can you help us choose?

Take our poll right now to pick your top three misdeeds!

So which do you think is worse?

  • Pushing to cut 8 million workers' overtime pay.
  • Actively campaigning against bipartisan legislation that restores the rights of workers to freely and fairly form unions.
  • Failing to issue fines for more than 4,000 mine safety violations.
  • Covering up mine safety failures and obstructing Congressional investigations into mining disasters.
  • Using tax dollars to create Chao-themed gold coins, lanyards, and fleece blankets for giveaways.
  • Refusing to enforce rules requiring employers to pay for safety gear – contributing to 400,000 workers injured and 50 dead.
  • Forcing longshoremen back to work without a contract, when their walkout could have cost her family's shipping company millions of dollars.

Outraged? Wait until you see the full list. Once we've narrowed our list down to the three "worst of the worst," we'll release it to the media and bloggers and expose just how much damage Elaine has done.

Voting ends Friday, March 14, so click here to see the list and vote now.

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