Thursday, July 31, 2008

Left Media

Here is the latest from the New Left Review and the Monthly Review:

In NLR, Columbia professor Charles Armstrong provides an interesting analysis of Korean politics under the "center-left" in an article called "Contesting the Peninsula"

Also noteworthy, given the recent court ruling on the constitutionality of the (Justice and Development Party) AKP in Turkey, this issue of the NLR features two articles looking at Turkey, one dealing directly with the politics of the AKP, while another looks at the growth of urban Islamism in a rapidly expanding Istanbul.

In the Monthly Review, the July-August issue is specially dedicated to the theme "Ecology: The Moment of Truth," and features articles on global warming, "oil imperialism" and the "political economy of biofuels." For those who say the "red-green" coalition is fraught with misunderstanding and conflicting interests, perhaps this can be a starting point from which to build coalitions.

Also, the June issue of the MR had several very good articles dealing with immigration and the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela:

No Human Being Is Illegal: Moving Beyond Deportation Law
by César Cuauhtémoc Garcí Hernández

The Only Road Is Practice: After the Venezuelan Referendum Defeat
by Michael A. Lebowitz

Please post thoughts on these articles, and links to additional articles of interest.

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