Thursday, July 31, 2008

National Park Service and Immigration

Who knew that when travelling in Coranado National Park you would be enlisted in the fight to militarize the border. A tipster informs el participante that while making his travel plans, he came across this advice on the National Park Service website:

People in distress may ask for food, water or other assistance. It is recommended that you do not make contact. Report the location of the distressed people to the Visitor Center, other park staff, or the Border Patrol
Now, "people in distress" is clearly an euphemism for those in the park who are allegedly illegal immigrants. Anyone who looks Latino would be presumed to be such a person, while anyone with Anglo features, even if they were a "person in distress," would surely not be considered under this heading. The clear lesson, if you are Latino, expect to find racial profiling by the National Park Service in areas close to the Mexican border. Our tipster has decided to boycott Coronado National Park.

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