Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boycott NY Post until Sean Delonas is Fired

The Huffington Post recently drew attention to this shocking cartoon published in the NY Post today. The cartoon, although reputedly playing off a chimp rampage in Connecticut, the deeper meaning is clear. Obama, as a black man, is the chimp who wrote the stimulus bill, and in the cartoon, has apparently been mistakenly shot by two police officers. What point could be conveyed, other than drawing together several of the most offensive racist tropes, is unclear. Such blatant racism is surprising, even from a publication as opportunistic as the Post. 

It is worth listing the racist tropes which this cartoon invokes. 
1. Black people are less than human, they are apes. 
2. Police shoot black people mistakenly, like animals, or chimps (but as a conservative paper, this is portrayed as hardly prolematic). 
3. Obama, as the author of the stimulus package, is incompentent and stupid because he is black/a monkey
4. Suggestive of the assassination of the US's first black president, a goal openly advocated by white supremcist groups. 

Gawker has compiled the cartoons of Sean Delonas, and it is very clear that this scum-bag artist loves to appeal to the very lowest forms of humour. If anyone doubted that this cartoon was blatantly racist, only check out some of Delonas's other fine offerings. 


Anonymous said...

o give me a fucking break this is america there is a little thing called freedom of the press and obama is a damn idiot if he thinks a bailout will help this hell hole of a country

Anonymous said...

let us all rise and make it known that we will no longer tolerate blatant racism in any form.Let us add our names to a list and present it to the authorities in protest against the NY Post.Boycott the Post until it sinks into the ocean.