Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin Cheating?

When then Presidential hopeful John McCain announced his decision to choose Sarah Palin as his vice-president, predictions of her political importance ran high. Would she represent the success or the failure of the Republican Party? Today, the question still remains unanswered. Even after a series of political (and personal) blunders, an embarrassingly rambling Katie Couric interview, a lost candidacy, and a resigned governorship, she somehow has remained active in the minds of many Americans as a possible contender for the 2012 presidential election. Palin also seems determined to give the left more and more ammunition, and below is just a small piece of the comedy skit that is her persona.

Palin has become the face of the "Tea Party Movement," as the savior from Obama's "socialist" agenda. Appearing at a Tea Party conference in Tennessee, Palin delivered a speech condemning President Obama and his policies, at one point referencing President Obama as "a guy with charisma and a teleprompter." An unremarkable speech gave way to a pre-screened Q&A session, meaning that Mrs. Palin was given plenty of time to prepare her answers. This Q&A may have been too much for the presidential hopeful to handle, as she resorted, just as any 7th grader would do, to writing the answers on the back of her hand. If this video is undoctored, it reveals Palin unable to articulate the basics of her party platform. A large portion of Palin's own popularity is based on her ability to deftly throw out buzz words, such as budget cuts and small government. She too is a politician "with charisma" and a little extra help. But while the "Tea Party Movement" seeks mainstream political clout, the $549 ticket cost, lack of diversity in the audience, and other factors, signifies little more than entrenched upper class and business interest, rather than a "movement" speaking for "the people."

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