Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ICED: Game for Highschool Students on Immigration

After the event about immigration in Prince William County, which was a great success despite the fact the guests were unable to make it, I thought it might be worthwhile to share this video game. It is called ICED: I Can End Deportation, a play on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department, and was developed by a collaboration between Breakthrough, NYC teachers and students. Check out and play the game here.


Anonymous said...

TAKE ACTION: Contact the Knuckleheads at Breakthrough.

ASK THEM WHY: they are not concerned with the human righs of the over 24,000 American Killed by Illegal Aliens.

ASK THEM WHY: they are not concerned with the molestation of over 2700 kids by illegal immigrants.

ASK THEM WHY: they are not concerned with the HUMAN RIGHTS of Mexican women and children being bought and sold as sex slaves. Sex traffickers transport at least 18,000 captives into the United States each year.

ASK THEM WHY: they are not concerned about the rights of THE AMERICAN WORKER. For every illegal alien worker, there are three lower skilled Americans who do not have a job. There are 23 million working-age Americans with no college education already are without a job.

Iced Video Game said...

Take time to download and play this game

Breakthrough said...

Please do play ICED at www.icedgame.com to understand our real message.
We have a process in America. If someone has committed a crime, you charge him, try him in front of a jury, and if he is convicted you send him to prison for a set amount of time, determined by a judge according to the circumstances.
But right now, this process is being denied to immigrants facing detention and deportation. Judges’ hands are tied, and they are forced to deport people who commit even minor crimes without considering the circumstances of the individual case. America is not living up to its ideals when our government denies due process to any group of people.