Friday, February 15, 2008

TODAY, 4pm Lerner C555: The Face of Immigration

Today, Friday, February 15th, 4-6pm
Lerner C555

Are Latinos the new scapegoat?

The Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) is having an event February 15th from 4-6pm in C555 Lerner called "The Face of Immigration". We have invited a teacher from Prince William County VA and his students to speak about how racism and xenophobia have affected their lives.
Illegal immigration has become a volatile issue in their community, with the passage of some harsh legislation aimed at barring illegal immigrants from public services as well as increased police enforcement.

Hosted by: SOL, USCC,
Zamana, CQA, VSA, SPeaK, BSO, LUCHA, Chicano Caucus, MSA, AAA

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