Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PSL Public Meeting on Black History

Friday, February 22, 7pm
2295 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (135th St.)
2/3 or B/C to 135th Street

Socialism and Black liberation
For revolutionaries of all nationalities in the United States, the Black liberation struggle has special significance. U.S. capitalism was founded on the brutal institution of slavery, putting the question of African American national liberation at the center of the U.S. class struggle. To this day, African Americans face oppression above and beyond what all workers face; exploited by their bosses and the state - shown in any statistic of social well-being.

Come hear a presentation on why revolutionary socialists put the struggles of the Black community - Katrina, Jena, Mumia and all other prisoners, reparations - at the center of any program for social change.

Remembering the African Blood Brotherhood
In many ways the political forerunners of the Black Panther Party, the African Blood Brotherhood advocated armed self-defense as early as 1918. Founded by Cyril Briggs, the ABB and its newspaper 'The Crusader' had an important influence far outside its thousands of members in Harlem. It became the first expression of Black communism in the United States.

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ezequiel gatto said...

i´m from argentina and i´m writing a thesis about african american political thought in early 20th century.
i´m looking for resources about ABB but it´s very difficult to find something (Even more here in argentina); i would like to ckeck some Crusader
Do you know where could i see them?
thanks a lot

saludos !